20 Simple Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Losing weight can be a difficult and confusing process that defeats most people who attempt it, in this article we will be doling out 20 effective weight loss tips that you can use to help you reach your goal.

Tip #1. Use Cooking Spray Instead of Oil

There are over 100 calories in a tablespoon of olive oil while a spray of cooking oil contains only 1 calorie. Make this swap for the majority of your cooking, and then use olive oil for foods that will benefit from the taste.

Tip #2. Drink Diet Soda rather than Regular

Again, amount of calories in a regular coca cola 139, calories in a can of diet cola equals zero. A no brainer!

Tip #3. Track your Calories

If you aren’t tracking your calories, you will be unlikely to ever lose weight on a long term basis. Download myfitnesspal and get started immediately.

Tip #4. Increase Protein at Breakfast & Lunch

Increasing protein will help you to maintain muscle, and prevent you from getting hungry between meals (something that ruins many diets). You are probably eating enough protein at dinner already, but try adding it to lunch and breakfast – which traditionally are quite low in protein.

Tip #5. Learn how to Read a Label

Just because a food label says that it is high in protein, doesn’t mean that this is true! A lot of food companies know how to misrepresent their food to make it sound healthy. If you know how to read food labels though you will never be tricked.

Tip #6. Drink Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee has been shown to increase the hormone Peptide YY which can prevent you from feeling hungry. This is great for dieting, also a black decaf coffee will only be 1 calorie.

Tip #7. Choose a Protein Shake Carefully

Some can be very low in protein compared to others, and some can be quite high calorie. If you just go for the cheapest option you might not be giving yourself the best chance to lose weight.

Tip #8. Use a Fat Burner

Yes fat burners do work, provided that 1) they are from a good company, and 2) they are combined with a calorie controlled diet and a intense exercise program. Using a top-rated fat burner with each ingredient that is backed by science will make all the difference in results.

Tip #9. Find ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is an amazing hormone, in high quantities it can increase muscle mass, increase your metabolism, and lower body fat. Look at top rated natural testosterone boosters as a way to do this.

Tip #10. Find Foods that Increase Satiety

Satiety means feeling full after eating, and if you can eat foods that are better at increasing satiety you’ll be able to eat less while feeling full. A great way to diet. Foods such as potatoes, eggs, and high protein foods are great at making you feel full.

Tip #11. Increase Sleep

Bad sleep will kill your diet, it lowers testosterone and increases hunger. If you’re someone who struggles with getting a good night sleep don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Supplementing with a sleep aid will allow you to get a full nights rest and the benefits to that are endless. A good night’s sleep will increase testosterone and prevent you from over eating. Try to get at least 8 hours a night.

Tip #12. Sleep in a Cold Room

Sleeping in a cold room will improve sleep quality and increase your metabolism, a body fat burning two for.

Tip #13. Walk 10,000 steps

Studies have shown that increasing your step count is one of the most effective ways to lower body fat.

Tip #14. Complete at least one Household Task per day

Not only will this make you popular at home, but the extra calories burned will help to contribute to fat loss. Consider jobs like gardening, or tidying up as they burn a lot of calories.

Tip #15. Learn how to Fidget

This sounds a little crazy but people who fidget have a higher metabolism than people who don’t. So learning how to fidget when sitting down doing nothing can help you burn an extra 100 calories per week.

Tip #16. Time your Rest Periods at the Gym

If you are looking to lose weight you will need short rest periods, put a timer onto your phone or use a stopwatch to help you keep disciplined while training.

Tip #17. Superset during your workout

Only have 30 minutes to train? Train back and chest as a superset. One set of bench press followed immediately by a set of bent over rows. Doing this will increase calories burned and allow you to train more muscle groups per session.

Tip #18. Combine Weights and Cardio

Not great if you are looking to build muscle, but if you want to lose weight you should perform 40 minutes of weights and then add 20 minutes of high intensity cardio in at the end.

Tip #19. Have a back up Home Workout

If you find out last minute that you can’t make the gym, it’s great to have a back up workout that you can complete at home. You can do some bodyweight exercises, and if you have the equipment you can add in some weighted exercises.

Tip #20. Perform 50 Kettlebell Swings per day

Inspired by Pat Flynn’s 300 swings per day workout, the idea is that you place a kettlebell in your home and try to hit a target each day. You can complete that number however you want, 50 in one go or possibly 10 reps in the morning, 20 reps at lunch, and 20 reps in the evening. Or 5 swings every time you walk past the kitchen. Pretty soon you’ll be burning 100-200 calories more per day!


[1] https://breakingmuscle.com/learn/300-swings-a-day-for-faster-fat-loss

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