Technically, there is no food in existence that you can lose weight exclusively through eating. This is impossible because the reason we eat food is to gain calories.

As much as you say you want a fat burning food, it would actually be a bit of a nightmare. Eating foods that cost more energy than they contain would be an exercise in futility.

However there are foods that can aid in weight loss, whether it is by raising your metabolism, increasing satiety after a meal, or through reduction of food cravings, the following list will reveal 20 foods that should be in every dieters kitchen.

1. Natural Greek Yogurt

We’re talking about the proper stuff here, none of that “Greek STYLE Yogurt”, we mean real, made in Greece Yogurt.

A 170g serving of Greek yogurt contains 15.3g of protein and is only 163 calories.

It will keep you full, and is packed full of probiotics that will help improve gut health. Combine it with protein powder for the ultimate (and delicious) protein dessert.

2. Lentils

High in protein (relatively speaking) lentils are a fantastic food for dieters, they can lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, while being nutrient rich and having a low calorie density.

3. Eggs

High in protein, lower cholesterol, and they are very high on the satiety scale. Meaning that you will feel full for much longer after eating them.

4. Spinach

Absolutely filled with nutrients, spinach is also one of the lowest calorie options around, with a plateful only setting you back 10 calories. Being high in fibre means that spinach will also help you lose weight.

5. Brussels Sprouts

One of the least popular vegetables in existence, but Brussels sprouts are amazing for diets. They are  cruciferous vegetables which means that they can block the enzyme aromatase.

Boosting testosterone, and lowering estrogen. This will help lead to weight loss in the long run.

6. Beetroot

Beetroot extract is now being looked at as a supplement that may be as effective as creatine supplementation when it comes to physical exercise. This means more calories burned when you’re in the gym.



7. Beef

High in Protein

Lean beef in particular is really high in protein, which is very useful for diets as it raises the metabolism, provides satiety, and protects lean muscle during a calorie controlled diet.

Beef is also a source of creatine.

8. Chillis

Not just chilli peppers, but anything that contains capsaicin, or fruit pepper extract. If you’ve ever eaten a really spicy curry and been drenched in sweat – then you have witnessed the metabolic response that capsaicin produces.

Reduce Appetite

Eat spicy food to reduce appetite and increase metabolism. A spicy meal will also increase the amount of water you drink, which will help control your appetite too!

9. Green Tea

Increase Metabolism

Studies have continually shown that green tea extract can increase your metabolism significantly, and increase fat oxidation [1].



10. Potatoes

Satiety Inducing

Boiled potatoes are the most satiety inducing foods that you can find, provided that you eat them plain.

Covering them in sauce will not help with this. But potatoes are fantastic anyway, a great source of potassium, and other nutrients.

11. Apples

Low Calorie

Very low in calories, filled with vitamins and minerals, a perfect healthy snack that can be used to replace your typical unhealthy snack!

12. Tuna

High in protein, high in omega-3 fatty acids, and low in calories. Tuna is a great snack or it is also a great main meal choice.

13. Cottage Cheese

Casein Protein

Full of casein protein, cottage cheese is perfect as a pre bed snack. It is high in calcium, low in calories, and it is no wonder why bodybuilders and female fitness personalities both swear by it.

14. Almonds

Nuts are usually best avoided when on a diet because they are so calorie dense (high calories for little food). But almonds are one of the lower calorie nut varieties around.

Full of Fibre

They are also full of fibre, and have a pretty decent amount of protein, and monounsaturated fat.

15. Blueberries


Filled with antioxidants, blueberries are also high in fibre, and very low in calories. An excellent addition to Greek yoghurt for an nice high protein snack.

16. Decaffeinated Coffee

Increase Peptide Hormone

Increases satiety by stimulating the hormone Peptide YY, a perfect drink for people who are on a diet and suffering from serious food cravings [2].

17. Protein Powder

Whatever you think about protein powder, there just is no alternative for people looking for a really high protein, and low calorie source.

Whey protein in particular is easy to digest, can contain around 15-30g of protein, and almost no fat or carbohydrates. Perfect for dieting.

Scientifically proven to improve body composition when combined with exercise [3].

18. Broccoli

Boost Testosterone

Just like Brussels sprouts, broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable. Meaning that it can indirectly boost testosterone, and can also reduce estrogen.

Perfect for fat loss. It also has a decent amount of protein for a vegetable.

19. Kimchi or Sauerkraut

Healthy Gut

Both of these foods are fermented cabbage based, and both can therefore contribute to a healthy gut.

This can make a huge difference when trying to lose weight, and will help improve your health too!

20. Chicken Breast


How could we write a list of 20 foods for weight loss and not include chicken breast? One of the most versatile meats in existence, chicken breast is very high in protein while low in calories.

Perfect for keeping protein levels high while dieting.



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