If you have ever planned on bulking up or increasing protein to prevent muscle loss during a diet, then you have probably considered buying a protein powder.

But, once you begin to search for one…

You realize that there is just too much choice out there!

In an effort to cut through the confusion and present you with a selection of protein powders that you can trust, we have compiled a list of ten of the best protein powders that are available to buy in 2018.

We will take a brief look at the company, the product, and the taste/ability to mix well with water.

Here are our Top Ten Protein Powders for 2018…

#1 Machine Whey Protein by MTS Nutrition


MTS nutrition is a supplement company led by CEO Mark Lobliner who entered the industry after the death of his father. MTS nutrition is now one of the biggest suppliers of supplements for bodybuilders.

Machine Whey Protein is their premier protein shake.

It uses:

  • 80% Whey Isolate protein
  • 5.3g of BCAAs per serving

Each serving contains 153 calories with 25g of protein and only 3.5g of fat. There is also 1g of fibre per serving. The amount of different flavours available is incredible, with taste clearly a priority for MTS.

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#2 Gold Standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most well-respected supplement companies out there. The title of “Gold Standard” that they added to their whey protein is a fair choice. Each serving contains 120 calories and 24g of protein.

The ratio?

  • 5.5g of BCAAs per serving
  • 4g of glutamine

There is only 1g of fat per 31g serving! There are multiple flavours to choose from, and the powder mixes well with water.

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#3 ISO 100 by Dymatize

There are two things that make protein powders from Dymatize stand out.

first is their commitment to high quality ingredients, and second is their superior taste.

Pretty much every protein powder on this list tastes amazing, it is one of the prerequisites for selection – but none taste as good (in our opinion) as a Dymatize protein powder.

Each serving contains the following:

  • 25g of protein
  • 5.5g of BCAAs
  • 2.7g of leucine

The supplement also mixes with water well for a smooth consistency.

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#4 Syntha-6 Protein Powder by BSN

Syntha-6 is a protein powder by BSM, a well-known big player in the supplement industry.

The supplement itself is really good. 22g of protein, 5g of fibre, and 10g of essential amino acids. The flavour is pretty decent with lots to chose from.

One thing that stands out though is how well it mixes with water or milk, creating an unsurpassed creamy, milkshake like consistency.

Really enjoyable to drink!

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#5 Protein Powder by Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition are mainly famous for their protein bars, protein cookies, and protein chips. They have really raised the bar in those departments, making the most delicious protein snacks on the market – seriously go get yourself some!

But many people are unaware that Quest also sell protein powders. Well, you can expect the same commitment to quality and to taste (cinnamon crunch is particularly good). The amount of protein differs by flavour (between 22 and 24g per serving).

There is no fat and minimal carbs, this is a really good protein powder.

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#6 Select Protein by PEScience

PEScience are a highly thought of supplement company that specialise in excellent protein powders.

Their Select protein is a great example of their attention to detail and superior quality.

Each serving contains just 116 calories, 24g of protein (83% of calories in this shake come from protein), and just 1.5g of fat and 2.5g of carbs.

There are six flavours to choose from with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup standing out as the best. You’re also getting 5g of BCAAs per serving too.

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#7 Nature’s Best Protein Powder by IsoPure

Nature’s Best Protein Powder by IsoPure is marketed as a ketogenic friendly protein powder, which is why it contains virtually zero carbohydrates.

However, not all flavours are the same. Espresso flavour has just 1g of carbohydrates as does Colombian Coffee flavour.

Mint Chocolate flavour has zero carbohydrates. However naturally flavoured protein powder contains 4g of carbohydrates (3g from sugar), so check the label when purchasing.

The taste of each powder is awesome, and there is an added vitamin and mineral blend (great for anyone on a restrictive keto diet). It is also lactose free, which shows how pure the whey protein is.

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#8 Gold Standard Casein by Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition make the world’s most well-known casein protein powder, as with their whey, the term gold standard definitely applies.

That doesn’t mean that other companies don’t make better casein protein powders, but it does mean that ON sell a casein protein powder that has been consistently amazing for over a decade.

Each serving contains 24g of protein, 5g of BCAAs, and just 1g of fat.

The taste of each powder is excellent and the mixability is great.

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#9 Genuine Protein Powder by Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk is different to the other protein powders on this list, for starters it is aimed at those wishing to build muscle rather than to those looking to maintain lean muscle.

It measures everything in 2 servings rather than one (an odd choice), and it is slightly higher in fat while being lower in protein.

If you take one serving you would only bet getting 16g of protein, but with two servings you get 32g of protein at 310 calories. The powder tastes great, mixes great, and Muscle Milk have a great reputation for excellent products.

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#10 NitroTech Whey Gold by MuscleTech

Our final product is NitroTech whey Gold by MuscleTech. It is an excellent protein powder with 24g of protein per serving, 5.5g of BCAAs, 4g of Glutamine and peptides, and it is just 120 calories per serving.

This protein powder is perfect for anyone on a weight loss diet who wants to maintain muscle mass.

It is America’s #1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand, and this is down to high quality protein, a great taste, excellent mixability, and some truly inspired flavours (vanilla funnel cake flavour).


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