The Best 7 Ways Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the most underrated methods for improving muscle mass and reducing body fat is something that we do every day for hours at a time – sleep!

Solid Eight Hours

Getting a solid eight hours of sleep (or more) each night can really help you on your weight loss journey. In this article we will look at the best seven ways that sleep can help you to lose weight.

Benefit #1. Increase Testosterone

Studies have consistently shown that the more sleep you have, the higher your testosterone levels are [1].

Extra Hour of Sleep

Having high testosterone has shown to lead to bigger muscles and less body fat, so add an extra hour to your sleep and see the benefits!


Optimal Results

If you want optimal results, add a testosterone booster & sleep aid to your stack!

Benefit #2. Increase Recovery from a workout

That increased testosterone has another purpose, it can also improve recovery from exercise.

Testosterone can help to increase muscle protein synthesis, the process where damaged muscle fibres are repaired and re-grown thanks to proteins delivered through the blood.

Benefit #3. Help reduce Ghrelin

Less Hungry

Ghrelin is the hormone that is responsible for promoting hunger, having elevated levels of Ghrelin can lead to you feeling hungry.

A 2004 study found that short sleep led to higher levels of Ghrelin, which causes overeating [2].




Benefit #4. Help increase Leptin

Feel Full

The same 2004 study that showed us that short sleep increases Ghrelin, also found that short sleep reduces Leptin [2]. Leptin is another hormone that is responsible for you feeling full.

Leptin Resistant

People who are overweight or obese can become Leptin resistant – which means that it takes more food to fill them up. A lack of sleep can lead to less Leptin being released, which also leads to overeating.

This is why simply supplementing with a sleep aid and appetite suppressant can make all the difference in promoting a better, more restful sleep leaving you feel well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

Benefit #5. Improve mood

Dieting is hard, it can take a lot out of you physically and mentally.

Studies have continually shown that a lack of sleep can lead to overeating.

This is mostly for the reasons we mentioned above, an increase in the appetite hormone Ghrelin, and the reduction of Leptin.


Mental State

But your mental state can also affect your diet. Luckily a good night’s sleep can improve mood, and focus. Allowing you to stick to your goals better.

Benefit #6. Improve gym/sports performance

A 2008 study on Collegiate Swimmers by Mah, Mah, & Dement [3], found that increasing sleep helped to improve athletic performance.

This is due to less fatigue, better reflexes, and many other benefits.

It goes without saying that training better in the gym or sports field will lead to better fat loss results.

Help improve your performance (and boost testosterone) with the right supplementation.

Benefit #7. Reduces Stress

Cortisol is the stress hormone, it can lower testosterone and increase body fat accumulation. It can also affect mood, critical thinking, and even sleep (creating a nice little vicious circle).

Few More Hours in Bed

Spending a few more hours in bed each week can reduce Cortisol, reduce stress, and therefore help prevent weight gain.

Bottom Line

Chronic bad sleep will almost always lead to:

  • Weight Gain
  • Affects Appetite
  • Reduces Energy Expenditure
  • Worsens Mood
  • And Generally Sucks.

So improving your sleep quality and duration can seriously help you boost testosterone, balance your hunger/satiety hormones, improve physical performance, and ultimately lose weight. All while feeling fresh and focused throughout the day.


[1] P. 2007. Association between sleep and morning testosterone levels in older men. Sleep30(4): 427-32

[2] Taheri, S., Lin, L., Austin, D., Young, T., Mignot, E. 2004. Short sleep duration is associated with reduced Leptin, elevated Ghrelin, and increased body mass index.PLoS1(3): e62

[3] Mah, C., Mah, K., Dement, W. 2008. Extended Sleep and the Effects on Mood and Athletic Performance in Collegiate Swimmers. Sleep31[Suppl]

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