Nova Forme is a vegan supplement company that aims to enrich the health of their customers using plant-based products.

If that sentence has immediately turned you off then we beg you to reconsider.

You can be a complete meat eater and still benefit from vegan products! In fact a lot of meat eating lifters could get even more benefit than a vegan could.

Not only are you getting the protein and iron from your meat, but you are getting all the health benefits of a plant based diet.

CytoGreens is a greens supplement that aims to awaken the athlete within you.


Double The Amount of Greens

It provides double the amount of greens per serving than its rivals do. It promises to enhance performance and improve recovery from exercise, neutralise free-radicals, and provide “21x the detoxifying chlorophyll as a serving of dark leafy greens”.

All its ingredients are correctly dosed, and there are no fillers.

Ingredients List

The first thing that hits you when you take a look at the ingredients list of CytoGreens is just how many different ingredients it contains. Over 25 unique ingredients are contained within seven performance complexes.

Obviously we aren’t going to look at every single ingredient on this list (the article would run for thousands of pages and send you into a stupor). So instead we will look at a select few, that Nova Forme have mentioned as particularly important.

These ingredients are: Spirulina, Cracked-Cell Chlorella, Organic Spinach, Alfalfa, Matcha Green Tea, Organic Amla Berry, Organic Milk Thistle, and Cordyceps Mushroom.

  • Spirulina (1.2g) – An ingredient that has many health benefits, including the prevention of certain cancers, a reduction in cholesterol, and in blood pressure, and an increase in weight loss.Spirulina may also increase energy. A study in 2010 found that Spirulina can increase power and endurance in both trained and untrained lifters [1].


  • Cracked-Cell Chlorella (1.1g) – A very similar ingredient to Spirulina, Chlorella is a great source of iron for vegetarians, and Vitamin B12. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, and may work as an anti-oxidant.


  • Organic Spinach (0.65g) – An excellent source of iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A. Spinach has many benefits similar to Spirulina and Chlorella. It boosts your immunity, reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, and limiting inflammation [2].


  • Alflalfa (0.8g) – Often used to reduce cholesterol, and to reduce the chances of arthritis. Alfalfa is high in Vitamin K.


  • Matcha Green Tea (1g) – An excellent ingredient that contains many benefits, it can boost the metabolism, burn calories, work as a powerful antioxidant, lowers cholesterol, and provides a great source of Vitamin C.


  • Organic Amla Berry (115mg) – Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla can increase your metabolism, aid digestion, and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also regulate glucose metabolism.


  • Organic Milk Thistle (200mg) – A great supplement ingredient that can help support the liver after it has been bashed around by the subject. It also seems to help reduce the effects of acne! So maybe a supplement for any teenagers who are currently suffering.


  • Cordyceps Mushroom (Dosage unknown) – A traditional medicine in China, the Cordyceps Mushroom doesn’t seem to have any real benefits, though some studies indicate that it can help regulate testosterone.Many believe that it works as an anti-aging product, but according to this has never been properly investigated in humans [4].

Final Thoughts

CytoGreens is a really impressive supplement, that not only helps vegans but can help anyone who is looking to boost their intake of green leafy vegetables, exercise harder, and recover better.

The ingredients list contains a few too many proprietary blends (a common issue in the supplement industry), but on the whole it provides detailed information and lives up to the hype. With all greens supplements you should try it first, as some people love the taste while others hate it.



[1] Sandhu, J., Shenoy, S. 2010. Efficacy of spirulina supplementation on isometric strength and isometric endurance of quadriceps in trained and untrained individuals – a comparative study. Ibnosina Journal of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences 2:2



[3] Akhtar, M., Ramzan, A., Ali, A., Ahmad, M. 2011. Effect of Amla fruit (Embilica Officinalis Gaertn.) on blood glucose and lipid profile of normal subjects and type 2 diabetic patients. International Journal of Food Sciences & Nutrition 62(6): 609-16




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