Negative Effects of High Estrogen in Men

There are hundreds of articles on the internet that look into the benefits of increasing your testosterone levels, there are even articles on lowering your estrogen levels.

But why do you want to lower estrogen? What are the negative effects that can occur if you have high levels of estrogen in your body?

In this article we will take a quick look at some of the most common effects of high estrogen in men. Interestingly, though perhaps not surprisingly a lot of the symptoms of too much estrogen are also the same as the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Supplementing with natural testosterone boosters are often used as a means to raise testosterone and lower estrogen. Along with eating the right foods proven to lower estrogen levels.

Negative #1. Increased Abdominal fat

Truth is that too much estrogen can lead to body fat gains all over the body, but the site that tends to receive the most is the abdomen.

This can occur in both men and women, but it is more noticeable in men.

Chances are that if a man has a lot of fat around his stomach, then he almost certainly has high levels of estrogen.


Negative #2. Lethargy

Men with high estrogen levels tend to suffer from lethargy, or chronic fatigue.

Constantly feeling low energy, and not being able to move/think as fast as they would previously have been able to.

This is why so many anti-estrogen supplements claim to increase energy when taken.

Having a lack of energy can also lead to a lowered metabolism and therefore weight gain.


Negative #3. Bad Sleep

There is definitely a link between high estrogen and bad sleep, with men who are suffering reporting mild to severe insomnia.

Annoyingly, bad/interrupted sleep can lower testosterone levels leading to a vicious cycle.

Bad sleep can also lead to overeating, cognitive impairment, and reduced energy levels throughout the day. Which all lead to weight gain.

Negative #4. Loss of Muscle Mass

This negative is actually quite a controversial choice, many people state that estrogen has a negative effect on muscle building. But if this were the case, women would never be able to build strength as they only produce 10% of the amount of testosterone that men do.

In fact it seems to be the case that estrogen can help with muscle building. It’s anti-inflammatory so women tend to recover faster from exercise than men do.

On the other hand, raised estrogen usually results in a significant drop in testosterone.

This absolutely leads to muscle loss as testosterone is very effective at stimulating protein synthesis (muscle repair and rebuilding after exercise).

So while having normal levels of estrogen can be effective for muscle building, having levels that are so high that they affect testosterone (which is what we’re talking about in this article) can lead to loss of muscle mass.

Playing it safe and using a natural anti-estrogen supplement can keep this under control for you.

Negative #5. Fertility Issues

Fact is that men with high estrogen and low testosterone will have issues with libido, and may struggle to have children.

Increasing their testosterone can massively improve this. Men with high estrogen may also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Bottom Line

If you are already suffering from some or all of these negative effects then luckily there is a simple cure.

Simple Solution

Exercise more, give yourself more time to sleep, eat a diet that is higher in fat, limit foods that can increase estrogen (soya), eat foods that can lower it (cruciferous vegetables are excellent for this), and supplementing with the right estrogen blocker can make a key difference in controlling estrogen, improving performance, fat loss, and overall well-being.

 Remember though that there are also a lot of benefits to having estrogen, and that you should not be trying to eradicate it from your life. Just try to prevent high levels.

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