Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition (BSN) is a supplement company that has been around since its inception in 2001.

It has won over 35 awards for its products in this time, and is one of the most successful and well-known supplement companies in the fitness industry.

This review will be looking at its NO Xplode Pre Workout. Interestingly there are different versions of this available in different countries, with completely different formulas, this is a review of the US formula.

NO Xplode promises to provide explosive energy, enhanced endurance, and maximum performance in the gym. It contains 30 plus ingredients, separated into five proprietary blends.

A proprietary blend is a collection of ingredients that groups them all together into one ingredient.

Meaning that the supplement company does not have to give you the individual dosages for each ingredient. It’s kind of a negative tactic, and happily one that the industry is slowly moving away from.

Because of this, it is difficult to review BSN’s NO Xplode properly, in truth it is difficult to review any supplement that contains so many ingredients – but when those ingredients could be as little as 1% or the RDA or 200% it’s almost impossible. What we can do is look at the most effective ingredients and analyze the supplement based on that.

Ingredients Review

We will look at the five proprietary blends, and highlight the main ingredients of each. The five blends are called: Myogenic Matrix, Endura Shot, Thermic Energy, N.O. Alpha Fusion, Shock Composite.

Myogenic Matrix (5.1g)


There are a few ingredients contained in the Myogenic Matrix, but the main ones are Creatine and Taurine. Creatine is a fantastic pre workout ingredient because it can increase energy, reduce fatigue, increase muscular endurance, and also hydrate you.

It is odd that they have combined so many forms of Creatine (Monohydrate, Anhydrous, Peptides) when just straight Creatine Monohydrate is so effective, but it’s not much of an issue.


Taurine (when properly dosed) can help promote fat loss [1], and improve gym performance. But it requires between 0.5 and 2g to be effective, and it seems unlikely that this dosage was used.

Endura Shot (2.9g)

Muscular Endurance

The main ingredient here is Beta-Alanine, which is a modified version of Alanine.

Beta-Alanine creates a minor improvement in muscular endurance [3], and can reduce fatigue – making it an excellent addition to a pre workout.

Thermic Energy (1.3g)

Increase Blood Pressure

There are two main ingredients contained in thermic energy, L-Tyrosine which can increase blood pressure (required for a pump), and increase cognition (helping you focus), and caffeine.

Reduce Fatigue

Caffeine is the perfect pre workout ingredient as it has so many performance related benefits such as: Increase muscular endurance and improve aerobic/anaerobic endurance.

Additionally, caffeine is correlated to reducing fatigue, increasing focus, and even suppressing appetite.

N.O. Alpha Fusion (1g)

Reduce Fatigue & Muscle soreness

The main ingredient present in NO Alpha Fusion is L-Citrulline Malate, which can reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

Increase Nitric Oxide

Increasing nitric oxide production helps you get a better pump while working out.

Shock Composite (250mg)

The main ingredient is DMAE which is a choline molecule that can improve cognitive ability.

Final Thoughts

There are some good ingredients in this pre workout; Creatine, Taurine, Beta-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, and L-Citrulline Malate.

However we have no idea if ingredients like Creatine are correctly dosed, and there are so many rubbish ingredients, that this supplement falls a little flat.

If all the useful ingredients are correctly dosed then this would be an excellent choice for a pre workout, but if they were correctly dosed then why hide the dosage? Very odd.

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[1] Rutherford, J., Spriet, L., Stellingwerff, T. 2010. The effect of acute Taurine ingestion on endurance performance and metabolism in well-trained cyclists. International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism 20(4): 322-9


[2] Moloney, M., Casey, R., O’Donnell, D., Fitzgerald, P., Thompson, C., Bouchier-Hayes, D. 2010. Two weeks Taurine supplementation reverses endothelial dysfunction in young male type 1 diabetics. Diabetes & Vascular Disease Research 7(4): 300-10


[3] Baquet, A., Bourgois, J., Vanhee, L., Achten, E., Derave, W. 1985. Important role of muscle Carnosine in rowing performance. Journal of Applied Physiology 109(4): 1096-101



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