Estrogen is the female sex hormone, but it is also produced in men – albeit in smaller amounts. It has a number of uses, and being deficient in it is not healthy.

Consequences For Men

However most men tend to suffer from the consequences of too much Estrogen, which is problematic as this can cause a lot of issues.

Reduce Testsoterone

For starters it can lead to a reduction in Testosterone, which is a big deal! Having too much Estrogen and not enough Testosterone can cause:

  • Weight gain (particularly around the abdomen)
  • Impotence
  • Depression
  • Loss of Muscle Tone
  • Trouble Sleeping

All of these problems can further compound the issue by driving Testosterone levels even lower. Once you become aware of the negative effects of too much Estrogen it can be easy to spot the signs in yourself.

If you are constantly feeling tired and fatigued, if your mood is suffering, if you have a lack of energy, and have lost any sexual desire, then you probably have high levels of Estrogen and low levels of Testosterone. Of course this isn’t a guaranteed diagnosis, but it will be the case for many men.

Luckily there are lots of ways to lower Estrogen, and following these methods will also help to raise Testosterone.

There are additional benefits that arise from this, including:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood & cognitive function
  • Increased libido & fertility



How to Lower Estrogen

There are a few effective ways to go about lowering Estrogen, the first would be to look into purchasing an aromatase inhibitor/estrogen blocker.

This is a supplement that prevent the enzyme “aromatase” from converting Testosterone to Estrogen. Blocking this enzyme will see your Testosterone levels increase while your Estrogen levels drop.

If you’re not a fan of supplements then you can eat certain foods that work as aromatase inhibitors. Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale, and other cruciferous vegetables are natural aromatase inhibitors.

Though obviously combining these with an aromatase-inhibiting supplement would lead to even better results!

Another way to lower Estrogen and boost Testosterone is to improve your sleep quality and duration.

Follow A Sleep Schedule

Start following a sleep schedule, consider taking supplements such as ZMA or Melatonin which have been proven to improve sleep.

Studies have shown that the more sleep you have the higher your Testosterone levels are in the morning.

Lifting Heavy

You should also start lifting heavy weights, and we’re not talking about smashing out 30 reps on the chest press here. We mean proper free weight exercises such as barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press, and bent over rows. Studies have shown that free weight exercises stimulate more Testosterone than resistance machines.


Diet can also play a part (other than the vegetables we just mentioned). The most effective way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn. This creates a calorie deficit and your body will burn stored fat to keep you alive.

Adipose tissue (body fat) is one of the top producers of the enzyme aromatase we mentioned earlier. So reducing your body fat will lower Estrogen and boost Testosterone.

How Lowering Estrogen Builds Muscle

Muscle grows after a workout through a process called Muscle Protein Synthesis, this is where proteins are used to rebuild damaged muscle fibers. It’s why protein is so important to athletes and bodybuilders.

MPS is also influenced by Testosterone levels, more testosterone leads to more protein synthesis, which then leads to bigger muscles.

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