Intrasurge is an intra-workout BCAA supplement brought to you by Jacked Factory, a supplement company well known for its high-quality products, well-chosen ingredients, and superior customer service.

In this article we are going to an in-depth look at Intrasurge, discuss its benefits, any potential side effects, and whether Intrasurge is worth your money.

What is Intrasurge?

Intrasurge is an intra-workout (sometimes called peri-workout) supplement designed to be taken while you are working out.

Most people have heard of pre-workout and post-workout supplements, but intra-workout supplements are becoming more and more popular in the bodybuilding world.

Many bodybuilders take BCAAs during a workout as a form of energy and to help reduce fatigue. But Intrasurge takes things a little further.

Intrasurge primarily contains Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (the three BCAAs).

Additionally, it also contains:

It is for this reason that AstraGin is often referred to as the “Ultimate Pre-Workout Ingredient”, though all these benefits will also improve your intra-workout supplement.

The caffeine content of Intrasurge is a smart move as caffeine has both performance benefits and body composition benefits [2].

L-Tyrosine can help improve your focus, which is great for the gym – but really good when playing sports. Then you have L-Citrulline which can reduce muscle soreness, fatigue, and boost Nitric Oxide which will help you create a pump and deliver more blood and nutrients to your muscles.

Intrasurge also promises to “boost muscle tissue growth and inhibit muscle tissue breakdown” while also improving focus, energy, performance, and stamina.

Any Potential Side Effects?

Not really, Intrasurge contains stimulatory ingredients, so taking too much of it could lead to heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, and stomach upsets.

But you would have to take 2-3 x the recommended dosage for this to be an issue – or be intolerant to caffeine.

Is Intrasurge Worth Your Money?

It’s certainly true that you could train perfectly well without an intra-workout, most people never use them. But at under $1 per serving, Intrasurge offers a lot of small benefits that can help you get an extra 5% out of your training session.

Many people who train are regularly training while dehydrated, so any supplement that encourages you to drink more water is already a good start.

Add to it the performance-enhancing benefits of caffeine, the focus enhancing effects of L-Tyrosine, and the reduced fatigue and muscle soreness that L-Citrulline offers, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic overall supplement.

The fact that Intrasurge tastes amazing, is cheap, and is easily absorbed into your system, are all little benefits that add up and make Intrasurge the smart decision.

If you ever feel a little tired during a workout, low in energy, or overly fatigued then this supplement could make a huge change. Check it out today.

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