As men age, their testosterone levels drop. Once you hit the age of 30 years your levels will peak and slowly lower, but that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to walk the earth with low testosterone forever.

In fact it is possible for men to have higher testosterone levels at 50 than they did at 20! It’s all about diet, sleep, and exercise. In this article we are going to look at five simple and effective habits that you can follow that will increase your testosterone levels.

Habit #1. Sleep Longer & at Regular Times

There is no hiding from this fact, if your sleep is irregular, broken, and for short periods of time then your testosterone levels WILL be lower.

Studies have constantly found that men who sleep less wake up with lower testosterone levels in the morning compared to men who sleep well [1].

Best Sleep

Getting the best sleep requires you to go to bed at around the same time each night, and waking up at the same time each morning. Do this for 8 hours a night and your testosterone will be higher than it has ever been.

Habit #2. Eat a High Fat Diet

This could also have been titled “don’t be a vegetarian” because so many studies have shown vegetarians to have lower testosterone than omnivores. But there are many reasons why people become vegetarians; religious reasons, ethical/moral reasons, and some people just plain dislike meat.

Increase Dietary Fat

So it would be unrealistic to tell you to stop being vegetarian if you are one. But finding ways to increase your dietary fat would be beneficial. A study by Reed et al (1986) found that men on low fat diets had lower testosterone levels than men on higher fat diets [2].


Note: This doesn’t mean you have to go super high fat, just eat a normal amount (25-35% of your calories).

Habit #3. Lift Heavy Weights

This is not the only form of exercise that can help to boost testosterone, but it is definitely the most effective. A 2014 study found free weight exercises to be more effective than resistance machines in building muscle and in increasing testosterone levels [3].

Deadlifts & Squats

Exercises such as the deadlift and barbell squat will boost testosterone even more, as they are such difficult exercises to perform (provided that you are using enough weight).

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Habit #4. Lose Weight (and keep it off)

The more body fat that you have, the more aromatase (an enzyme that converts excess testosterone into estrogen) you will produce.

This means that if you are overweight your body is turning your testosterone into estrogen. Losing body fat and becoming lean will reduce aromatase, and help you to keep high levels of testosterone.

Habit #5. Use Testosterone Boosters

A lot of people claim that testosterone boosters are ineffective because they only work on people with low testosterone.

Men Over 40

But most men HAVE low testosterone – so how can they be ineffective? True, if you already have high testosterone levels then you won’t need to take them. But considering almost all men over 40 have low T then this isn’t an issue.

PM Testosterone Booster

If you’re looking to optimize natural test levels and get a great sleep you should consider adding a natural PM testosterone booster to your stack.


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[2] Reed, M., Cheng, R., Simmonds, M., Richmond, W., James, V. 1986. Dietary Lipids: An Additional Regulator of Plasma levels of Sex Hormone binding Globulin. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism64(5): 1083-1085


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