There are many benefits to having high testosterone levels; increased libido, improved mood, increased muscle mass, and reduced body fat, are just some examples. But sadly, most men currently have much lower levels of testosterone than they should. Often this is down to the effects of ageing, but it is also a reflection on our more sedentary lifestyles.

Many men would benefit from increasing their testosterone levels to the recommended baseline level. There are many ways to do this (including one particularly illegal way).

In this article we are going to examine six proven ways to increase testosterone in a safe, natural, and legal way.

Tip #1. Use a Natural Testosterone Booster

There are a lot of testosterone boosters on the market at the moment, and they have a mixed reputation. Some have been shown to be very effective, while others are completely useless.

What To Look For

Look for products that include Safed Musli [1], Ashwagandha [2], Boron [3], and Eurycoma Root. You can get testosterone boosters that are designed to be taken during the day, as well as testosterone boosters that are designed to be taken at night.

Who Are They Meant For

While testosterone boosters can be quite ineffective for men who currently have high testosterone levels and are looking for more, they can be very effective for men who are suffering from low testosterone. It is confusion over this distinction that has caused people to believe that natural testosterone boosters are ineffective.

Tip #2. Exercise

Exercise can help in two specific ways, it can help you to lose weight (but more on that later), and it can increase testosterone levels specifically.

A study in 2014 by Shaner et al found that free weight exercises such as barbell squats could significantly increase serum testosterone [4].

Tip #3. Use Estrogen Blockers

There is an enzyme that is produced in your body that converts excess testosterone into estrogen. If your diet is a certain way, or you drink a lot of alcohol, or you have a lot of excess body fat, then this enzyme (called aromatase) can increase substantially.

This leads to a big drop in testosterone and a raised level of estrogen. But through the use of estrogen blockers, which contain anti-aromatase ingredients, can lower estrogen and therefore raise testosterone.

Tip #4. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

This piece of advice may seem minor, maybe even trivial. But when it comes to increasing your testosterone levels, a good night’s sleep is probably the most important aspect!

Study after study [5], has shown that men who sleep more have more testosterone than men who don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep Aids

There are a lot of people out there who suffer each day from bad sleep, so don’t worry if you’re one of them!

Fortunately, there are great night time products that will promote a deep, restful sleep and optimize hormonal levels at the same time.

Tip #5. Start Taking Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies in the world, and it can lead to a whole host of problems. One of those is a reduction in testosterone levels.

Vitamin D Deficient

Studies have shown that men who are deficient in vitamin D, who subsequently supplement it, end up raising their testosterone.

If you considered using an anti-estrogen supplement as noted above, consider getting one with Vitamin D in there. Not only to take advantage of the benefits, but to save your money by getting two products (estrogen blocker & vitamin d) for one!

Tip #6. Lose Weight

This last point is a very important one, the more excess body fat you have the lower your testosterone will be.

Increased Aromatase

This is because being overweight can lead to increased aromatase (which converts testosterone to estrogen), increased cortisol (stress hormone which can attack the testes and therefore lower T), and bad sleep.

Losing weight through increasing protein, lowering calories, and exercising more could make a huge difference to your testosterone levels.

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