Nobody likes feeling hungry, it’s an unpleasant sensation that can prevent you from concentrating on anything else.

Craving bad food is even worse, for many people it’s not the three meals that they eat a day that are making them fat it is the high calorie snacks that they end up devouring after craving them for 2 hours.

If you can find a way to eliminate cravings then you’ll be one step closer to achieving your fat loss goals. In this article we will look at five ways that you can crush your food cravings.

Tip #1. Improve Sleep Quality

The relationship between sleep and hunger is a fascinating one, and it is something that a lot of people underestimate. But studies have consistently shown that disrupted or shortened sleep can not only increase hunger, but it can reduce satiety (how full you feel after a meal).

This can lead to overeating and snacking between meals. It’s also why you gutted the fridge the last time you pulled an all-nighter before going to work the next day!

There are many reasons that support why you need a good sleep. A 2012 study by Greer, Goldstein, & Walker found that people who sleep badly tend to search for higher calorie snacks than people who slept well [1]. This means that the tired version of you is more likely to eat junk and less likely to eat fruit and veg than regular you.

Tip #2. Find a Good Appetite Suppressant

There are great supplements that can help to suppress your appetite and are quite common and there are some really good ones out there, check out ones that contain these ingredients such as: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea Extract, or Caralluma Fimbriata. Another ingredient known as 5-HTP is also an excellent appetite suppressant.

Tip #3. Find an Effective Fat Burner

If you are looking to suppress your appetite then you are probably pursuing a weight-loss specific goal. If this is the case then a fat burner can really help.

Not only will supplementing with a fat burner help you lose fat due to an increased metabolism (how all fat burners work) but you’ll reduce your appetite too.

Tip #4. Increase Your Protein Intake

One of the reasons that high protein diets are so popular is that protein is great at suppressing hunger.

Add to that the fact that protein can increase your metabolism, build muscle, and help preserve muscle while on a diet, and you can see why protein is the king of diets.

If you’re having trouble getting enough protein in your diet, there are many simple ways to increase your protein intake that will easily allow you to hit that daily intake goal.

Tip #5. Drink Decaffeinated Coffee

This last tip is a nice easy one to follow, studies have shown that decaffeinated tea can increase production of Peptide YY which is a hormone that reduces hunger.

So if you’re feeling hungry brew yourself a decaff coffee and relax, it will prevent you from snacking between meals, and may also prevent you from overeating during meal times.

So there you have it, five simple ways that you can crush food cravings and prevent yourself from overeating.

Sleep more, eat a high protein diet, use supplements for that extra 10%, and get yourself a decaffeinated coffee for between meals.


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