Joint health is something that nobody pays attention to until it’s too late. Which is crazy because as we age, the health of our joints will become more and more important to us.

The health of your joints can be both improved and reduced via training, partly depending on the intensity of the exercise you select, and partly it can be affected by technique, load, and accidents that can occur.

Taking a supplement that can improve your joint health will help protect your joints from damage, which will allow you to continue to train at a high intensity.

It will also help improve already suffering joints. Make no mistake, whether you are an 80 year old, or a 19 year old future bodybuilder, you need to be paying attention to your joint health.

Luckily the supplement industry has really started to focus on more diverse markets such as joint health, which means that there are a lot of excellent joint health supplements currently on sale. In this article we will be taking an in depth look at Flex XT a supplement by Jacked Factory.

Flex XT Claims

One of the biggest claims of Jacked Factory’s Flex XT is that if you don’t get results there is a full money back guarantee.

This demonstrates how confident that Jacked Factory is about their supplement. The product promises to relieve pain in your joints, strengthen your bones, it works as a natural anti-inflammatory, and repairs damaged cartilage.

Flex XT Ingredients

There are five main ingredients contained within Flex XT, (although one of these ingredients is more of a complex made up from ingredients).

These ingredients are: Turmeric Root Extract, FruiteX-B, Boswellin, UC-II, and Bioperine. Of those ingredients we can be fairly sure that you only recognised one. UC-II right? Kidding. Turmeric (or Curcumin) is a well known spice that is also used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine due to its many benefits.

– Turmeric – Curcumin is the main (or active) ingredient in turmeric. It has been found to reduce pain [1], reduce inflammation [2], and osteoarthritis. This makes Curcumin perfect for any supplement that wants to improve joint health.

– FruiteX-B – This is a “natural sugar-borate ester found in fresh fruits and vegetables” [3] that is a source of boron. This is a mineral that can reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that it is effective at reducing joint pain, particularly when combined with other joint supporting supplements [4]. FruiteX-B is commonly used in joint supplements for these reasons.-

– Boswellin – This is an extract from a herb called Boswellia serrata, which is used in traditional medicine. It can help reduce inflammation, and is therefore seen as an excellent supplement for osteoarthritis.

– UC-II – This is also known as type II collagen and it is a “component of joint cartilage” [5]. It can reduce exercise induced pain in the joints, and help improve mobility.

– BioperineCurcumin is incredibly effective, but sadly it does not absorb easily. But if you take it with black pepper extract it is very easily absorbed. Bioperine is black pepper extract. It helps the body absorb all of the ingredients in Flex XT.

How good is Flex XT?

Flex XT gets a lot of things right. It uses effective ingredients that can help to improve joint mobility, health, and suppleness.

It ensures that those ingredients are absorbed well, and it offers a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results. In a crowded market, Flex XT by Jacked Factory stands out from the rest.



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