What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is the female sex hormone, though mostly being present in women men also have low levels of estrogen in their bodies. This is perfectly fine and there are even some benefits, problems occur when estrogen levels rise in males without testosterone also rising.


This creates a balance shift and men can begin to develop some negative side effects. Luckily there are legal anti-estrogen supplements that can block estrogen, or inhibit an enzyme known as aromatase (that converts testosterone into estrogen).

Supplementing Estrogen

In this article we are going to look at five benefits of supplementing with an estrogen lowering supplement. Remember if you have normal levels of estrogen, you don’t want to lower them further.

Benefit #1. Loss of Male Breast Tissue

One downside to having high levels of estrogen is that it can make men begin to form breast tissue, reducing estrogen while increasing natural testosterone will help to remove this breast tissue.

The important thing is to target this before the breast tissue formation gets out of hand.

Benefit #2. Lowered Abdominal Fat

Lose Body Fat

Lowering estrogen and increasing your testosterone has many benefits such as help lose body fat all over your body, particularly fat from around the stomach.

The reason for this is that the hormone estrogen tends to cause fat to accumulate around the abdomen of men more than anywhere else.

That means that lowering estrogen will in turn lower abdominal fat as a priority.

Benefit #3. Increased Strength

Protein Synthesis

increasing your testosterone and reducing your estrogen can help stimulate protein synthesis, this is the process that helps you build bigger and stronger muscles.

When you exercise you are breaking down muscle fibres, consuming protein can help to repair those fibres and improve them (leading to them becoming stronger and increasing hypertrophy).

High testosterone levels can speed up this process and make it more effective.

On the other hand, low testosterone and high estrogen can inhibit protein synthesis therefore preventing your muscles from getting bigger.

Benefit #4. Improved Libido

Men don’t really like to talk about this but when your estrogen levels rise other thing fail to rise (not apologizing for that joke).

You might lose interest in sex, or you might lose the ability to “perform”, you can also find that your fertility levels are lower.

Estrogen reduction can really help to improve your libido and your fertility.

Benefit #5. Improved Sleep

High estrogen levels can negatively affect your sleep quality, leading to a bad night’s sleep.

This can mess up your day in a whole host of ways:

  • Increasing stress
  • Increasing hunger
  • Increasing fatigue
  • Further reducing testosterone
  • Negatively affecting mood.

Luckily reducing estrogen helps to improve sleep which has many different benefits.

The Bottom Line

Estrogen Blocker

Lowering estrogen using an estrogen blocker or aromatase-inhibitor is a fantastic way to rebalance your testosterone to estrogen ratio.

Naturally Boost Testosterone

But you should also consider natural ways to boost testosterone and lower estrogen, this can prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Eat cruciferous vegetables (aromatase inhibitors), lift heavy weights, go for runs, sleep lots, and try to reduce stress.


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