Nitric oxide is a chemical compound which helps your cells communicate with each other, because of this there are many benefits associated with nitric oxide.


It can improve memory, cognitive function, it can help increase endurance, reduce inflammation, and it can also dilate your arteries.

Regulate Blood Pressure

This last benefit is quite useful to the general public as it can regulate blood pressure, but it is really useful to  bodybuilders as it can help them increase their muscle pump during a workout.


Muscle Pump

A muscle pump can increase the delivery of nutrients to your muscles during a workout, leading to better results, and to larger looking muscles during/immediately after a workout.


Cellucor is a well established supplement company with a great reputation, their nitric oxide boosting offering is called NO3 Chrome and we will be reviewing it in this article. We will take a quick look at the ingredients list, before reviewing the supplement as a whole.

Ingredients List

The ingredients list for Cellucor’s NO3 Chrome is quite short, it contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Arginine Nitrate, and an extreme vascularity complex which contains Nitrosigine, Citrulline Malate, and Grape Seed Extract.

• Vitamin C

A great vitamin to add to your diet anyway, but vitamin C also has a function as a nitric oxide booster. Studies have shown that vitamin c can preserve nitric oxide function and therefore boost blood flow [1].

• Calcium

Used to increase muscle contractions and to protect the body from oxidation.

• Arginine Nitrate

An excellent nitric oxide booster that can boost blood flow significantly [2]. It can also help to improve aerobic and anaerobic performance.

• Nitrosigine

A compound made of Arginine and Silicon which is very effective at boosting nitric oxide and therefore blood flow.

• Citrulline Malate

An amino acid that is turned into Arginine when it reaches the kidneys. It can also reduce muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. Making it the perfect intra workout and pre workout ingredient.

• Grape Seed Extract

Not only does grape seed extract boost blood flow, reduce c-reactive protein, it also boosts testosterone levels.

Overall Look

Cellucor’s NO3 chrome is a great, non stimulatory pre or intra workout supplement that contains some effective ingredients.

Not only will it boost blood flow by increasing nitric oxide, it will reduce fatigue, reduce muscle soreness, improve aerobic and anaerobic performance, and improve muscle contractions.

Boost Testosterone Levels

There is also some evidence that the grape seed extract contained in it can boost your testosterone levels.

Benefits After the Workout

All this means that not only will it help you during a workout, but it will also help you after your workout. The supplement comes in the form of capsules rather than powder, making it easier to transport and easier to take during or before a session.


The only downside is the use of a proprietary blend (extreme vascularity complex). This prevents us from knowing how much Nitrosigine, Citrulline Malate, and Grape Seed Extract is present in the supplement.

Which means we cannot say if the dosage is effective or not. This is a shame, and supplement companies really need to stop doing it.


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