Cellucor is a well established supplement company that has a very good reputation for good products. It’s pre workout is called Cellucor C4 and over 1.1 billion servings of C4 have been sold to date.

The product comes in 8 different flavors including: Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, and Strawberry Margarita.

Cellucor C4 promises to give you explosive energy, an increase in focus, a huge muscle pump, and an increase in endurance.

The main ingredients present in Cellucor C4 are Carnosyn Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Caffeine, and Arginine.

There is also Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 which are present to induce the pump.

In the next section we will take a look at the four main ingredients of C4 to assess its effectiveness.

Ingredients Review

1.Beta Alanine (1.6g per serving)

Beta Alanine is one of the building blocks of Carnosine, it is quite effective at increasing muscular endurance with many studies showing it to have a beneficial effect.

A study by Baquet et al (1985) increasing muscle Carnosine led to improved running performance, and specifically endurance [1].

Beta Alanine can also reduce fatigue, and may reduce fat mass in people who are deficient in muscle Carnosine levels.

According to examine.com the correct dosage of Beta Alanine is around 2-5g so only containing 1.6g per serving could leave Cellucor C4 underdosed.

2. Creatine (1g)

Creatine is often taken by athletes and gym goers because it can massively increase energy stores that can be used fast during a workout.

It can increase power, anaerobic performance, and lean mass, while reducing fatigue and helping increase focus.As with Beta Alanine, the dosage is a little low, with around 5g per day being the usual intake.

3. Caffeine (150mg)

Caffeine is the most commonly used pre workout ingredient, because it is so effective at what it does. Not only can it help increase energy, reduce fatigue, increase power output, and improve cognition, it can also help burn more fat!

Caffeine is really great supplement.

Low Dose

150mg is again a surprisingly low dose, considering that many supplements contain twice that. Cellucor seems to be begging you to take 2 scoops rather than one, but if that is the case then why not just make bigger servings?

4. Arginine (1g)

Arginine is added to pre workout supplements because it can increase blood flow and also increase nitric oxide levels, this makes it perfect for pre workouts as it creates a massive pump.

Delivering more blood and nutrients to the muscles during a workout and therefore increasing your results afterwards. The usual dosage of Arginine is 3-6g whereas Cellucor only contains 1g per serving.

Final Thoughts

Each of the ingredients contained in Cellucor C4 is an effective and important pre workout ingredient, it’s just too bad that they are all underdosed. All of the top pre-workout ingredients must be sufficiently dosed, with transparent labels.

You can understand caffeine being a little low, as many people may have low tolerances to it, but only containing 1/6th of the optimal amount of Arginine is bizarre.

This supplement will work really well for new lifters, or experienced lifters who have never used a pre workout before, but it could be improved with a bit more powerful doses!

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[1] Baquet, A., Bourgois, J., Vanhee, L., Achten, E., Derave, W. 1985. Important role of muscle Carnosine in rowing performance. Journal of Applied Physiology 109(4): 1096-101


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