Caffeine is the most commonly taken social drug around, and most people see it as just that. Something that you have with friends, or to wake yourself up in the morning.

But caffeine actually has a number of benefits when taken as a supplement. In this article we are going to look at five of the best benefits of caffeine.

Benefit #1. Caffeine Can Increase Fat Loss

Having a high metabolism is something that most people would kill for, increasing your metabolism is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Increasing Your Metabolism

Studies have shown that taking caffeine can increase your metabolism and increase fat oxidation [1]. This means that if you hadn’t taken caffeine before and you started you would be able to lose some weight just from caffeine intake.

Working Harder In The Gym

Combine this with working harder in the gym (more on that later) and you’ve got the perfect fat-fighting ingredient. Caffeine is also found in just about every top thermogenic fat burner; a great way to kick fat loss into high speed.

Benefit #2. Caffeine Can Improve Sporting Performance

Caffeine has been shown to improve performance in a huge range of sports, from tennis to Olympic Weightlifting [2].

It’s great for improvements on the sports field and in the gym, and can help with aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, strength, power, and hypertrophy training.

This can tie in well with training when the goal is fat loss. as it will allow you to work harder than you could normally.

Benefit #3. Caffeine Lowers RPE

You might be asking yourself how caffeine can improve performance in the gym, and while there are a number of factors behind this, the most interesting one is that caffeine can lower the rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

In other words caffeine can make difficult tasks feel easier allowing you to increase the difficulty without noticing.

Some scientists theorize that this is due to caffeine’s ability to reduce the perception of pain.

Whatever it is, caffeine can make difficult physical tasks seem easier which is hugely beneficial.

Benefit #4. Caffeine Can Counter Sleep Deprivation

This benefit is probably the most obvious, of course caffeine can help you when you’re tired.

It’s the reason why people buy a coffee maker in the first place! But the benefit here is that caffeine can bring your gym performance up to the level that it would have been with adequate sleep.

It’s not a long term option (you definitely want to be getting as much sleep as possible) but for the odd day where your sleep was bad you can still train like a beast.

Benefit #5. Caffeine Can Improve Cognition

Not all of the benefits of caffeine are directly tied to the gym, caffeine has also been shown to improve cognition.


How clearly you think, your ability to focus, and your short term memory can all be improved by caffeine.

Decision Making

Another excellent benefit of caffeine is that it can improve your decision making skills. Allowing you to make the right call when work gets tough.

The ability to focus can also benefit you in the gym, and particularly on the sports field. So if you have a basketball game (for example) you would not only reap the rewards of caffeine physically you would also gain a mental edge on your opponents. Just make sure that you get your dosage right (test this as everyone has different tolerance levels).



[1] Rumpler, W., Seale, J., Clevidence, B., Judd, J., Wiley, E., Yamamoto, S., Komatsu, T., Sawaki, T., Ishikura, Y., Hosoda, K. (2001) Oolong Tea increases Metabolic Rate and Fat Oxidation in Men. The Journal of Nutrition 131(11): 2848-2852

[2] Burke, L. 2008. Caffeine and Sports Performance. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 33(6): 1319-1334

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