Building muscle has many advantages:

  • you’ll be stronger
  • have a higher metabolism
  • be less susceptible to injury
  • perform better at most sports
  • your body composition will improve.

So, any supplement that helps you build muscle should automatically become part of your supplement routine. Sadly, many of the most effective muscle building supplements are illegal due to some pretty severe side effects.

Of the legal muscle building supplements that are currently available, many are essentially useless. Big promises based on poorly designed research articles, and a lot of marketing hype.

But this is not always the case. Jacked Factory is a very successful supplement company that offers high quality products, and an absence of bad science and marketing buzz words.

One of their products is called BUILD-XT – its muscle building supplement. BUILD-XT promises to help the following:

  • build muscle
  • increase your strength
  • improve stamina
  • it may even support fat loss

It achieves this through its use of three compounds: PeakO2, elevATP, and AstraGin. In this article we will take a look at each compound and assess how effective they are at delivering on Build XT’s promises.

Ingredient Overview

As we mentioned above, there are three compounds that make up Build XT Daily Muscle Builder. The first compound is PeakO2.

PeakO2: Is basically a combination of six organic mushroom strains. Studies appear to demonstrate that PeakO2 is effective at improving training intensity, endurance, and resistance to fatigue, allowing you to train harder and for longer [1].

ElevATP: Combines ancient peat extract and apple extract. The idea of combining these two ingredients is to increase the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) known as “energy currency”.

The more ATP you can produce, the more intensely you are able to exercise. If you’re looking to train harder, get more muscle, increase strength, or increase power, then you should really be looking to increase ATP as much as possible. If ElevATP can achieve this then it will soon be a must-have supplement ingredient.

AstraGin: This compound is designed to improve the absorption of the other ingredients within this supplement. This means that AstraGin makes PeakO2 and ElevATP more effective, but it doesn’t have any muscle building properties of its own.

How Effective is Build XT Daily Muscle Builder?

Increasing your ATP production is absolutely going to allow you to train longer, and at a higher intensity, which (when combined with optimal sleep and nutrition) will definitely lead to muscle growth.

Reducing fatigue and improving endurance will also allow you to train harder and longer. The addition of AstraGin is a sensible decision by Jacked Factory as it will help increase the absorption of the other ingredients.


As with any supplement, Build XT Daily Muscle Builder is only effective when combined with proper training, decent nutrition, and optimal recovery strategies. It will not automatically lead to muscle gain if none of those other factors are adhered to. But as a tool to help you perform better? Jacked Factory has definitely delivered an excellent supplement here.



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