BPI Nite Burn Full Review and In Depth Look

The idea of a fat burner that you can take at night is a novel one. Most people’s experiences of fat burners are of taking a couple of innocuous looking pills with their breakfast and then getting heart palpitations, the jitters, and a crazy amount of energy that will slowly burn itself away by lunch time.


Nite burn is of course is a non-stimulatory fat burner meaning that you can take it immediately before bed without worrying.

But the question everyone is asking will be “Is it any good?”. This is an interesting question, certainly any fat burner that is non-stimulatory is a good idea – so long as it works.

This is because stimulants such as caffeine cannot be used forever. If you took it at high doses for 6 weeks your tolerance would sky rocket and you would stop getting results.

Which is why it is a good idea to cycle off it. During this time a non-stimulatory fat burner would be ideal.

Great Sleep

If you’re looking to get a great sleep while destroying fat, look for a sleep aid and stim free fat burner combo.

In this review we are going to take a closer look at the ingredients, and use them to ascertain how effective BPI Nite Burn is as a fat burner.

Ingredients List

The first thing we’ve noticed is that BPI Nite Burn uses a proprietary blend, in other words it does not tell us what each ingredient’s dosage is.

This is a pretty shocking practice in the supplement business, and luckily it seems to be slowly on its way out.

What this means for the review is that we have no idea whether the ingredients are present in effective doses or not.

You have to wonder why a company would choose not to disclose how much of each ingredient is present within their supplement.

Raspberry Ketones – What an ingredient to start with! The most famously debunked ingredient in the history. We thought that everyone knew that raspberry ketones didn’t work!

Hair Growth

There does seem to be some evidence that they can induce hair growth though, so if you rub it on your skull you might see some results!

White Kidney Bean Extract – Used as a carb blocker, and it is quite an effective one too! Sadly, according to examine.com you should be taking White Kidney Bean Extract alongside a meal containing carbohydrates, something that you are unlikely to do just before going to sleep.

Green Coffee Bean Seed – Seems to reduce your blood pressure, have a small effect on fat loss, and reduce your heart rate [1]. Making it a good choice for a non-stimulatory fat burner, and as something to take to relax you before going to sleep. A good inclusion, but without knowing the dosage we cannot say whether it is effective or not.

Dandelion – A good source of potassium, but the main benefit of dandelion is that it is a diuretic. In other words it makes you pee a lot! [2] Not sure why you would want this just before going to bed. Could lead to you losing some water weight though.

L-Tryptophan – An essential amino acid that can help treat insomnia, depression, sleep apnea, and can make you feel happier. It also helps to reduce appetite, which can lead to it lowering weight. A great inclusion in this supplement.

Saffron – An ingredient that can also reduce appetite, anxiety, and depression, it also reduces blood pressure. Great as an appetite suppressant, and great as a sleep aid. A nice inclusion.

Melatonin – A hormone that is secreted in the brain, Melatonin is used to regulate sleep and is great for helping fight insomnia. You can also take melatonin if you are suffering from jet lag [3].

Lemon Balm – An ingredient that can reduce alertness, increase calmness, and reduce anxiety. Probably one of the best things to be taking just before bed!

Vitamin D3 – While Vitamin D may help to reduce weight [4], it could also be present to increase testosterone [5]. But really it’s nothing special as a fat burning ingredient. A nice inclusion though, as many people ARE deficient in Vitamin D.

Bottom Line

As a pre bed sleeping aid Nite Burn by BPI is an excellent product, as a fat burner it is nothing special at all. The use of a proprietary blend, rather than label transparency is irritating. Overall Nite Burn is an okay product that will give you a good night’s sleep, but not do much to reduce your body fat.

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