If you’ve ever looked at the back of a testosterone boosting supplement, you should have seen that they promise fat loss. But is this true? In this article we will investigate whether increasing your testosterone can actually have an effect on fat loss.

Direct or Indirect Fat Loss

One thing that we should make clear before we do this, and that is the subject of direct or indirect fat loss. So for example it could be said that buying a pair of running shoes can lead to fat loss.

Because the shoes allow you to run, which burns calories, which leads to fat loss. This is an indirect way of burning fat though, because the shoes themselves don’t burn fat, the act of running does.

Hopefully this makes sense, because it is an important concept. Boosting testosterone does not directly lead to fat loss. Rather it causes changes in your body that will lead to fat loss.

Which is why a testosterone booster can claim to lose fat, and be technically telling the truth. So the short answer to the question would be “Yes”.

How does Testosterone Lower Fat

Many testosterone boosters work by blocking an enzyme called Aromatase, this enzyme is created in the adrenal glands/brain/testicals and in adipose tissue. Its function is to convert testosterone into estrogen.

Aromatase Inhibitor

This leads to increased estrogen in men, which can cause fat storage. So inhibiting Aromatase can prevent any loss of testosterone and it can lower estrogen. Because of this, less body fat is stored and you will lose weight.

Increased testosterone can also lead to an increase in lean body mass, this is because testosterone fuels muscle protein synthesis [1].

Slight Increase In Metabolism

By increasing your muscle mass you are slightly increasing your metabolism (but probably not by as much as some people believe), even a slight increase in your metabolism will lead to fat loss over a long period of time.

Therefore testosterone leads to increased fat loss.

Create Energy From Fat

Higher testosterone can also increase lipolysis (create energy from fat) and reduce the breakdown of muscle for this purpose [2]. This means that you will burn more calories from stored fat, which leads to weight loss.

Studies also indicate that having higher levels of testosterone can lead to a reduced production of fat cells [3].

Impact on Sleep

Having higher levels of testosterone can also help you sleep better, which can indirectly help you lose weight by regulating appetite, lowering Cortisol, and boosting testosterone levels further.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why you could be overweight. One of them could be down to low testosterone. Taking a testosterone booster, lifting heavy weights, following a higher fat diet, and sleeping more can all help boost testosterone – which can have an effect on fat loss. This effect will be different in everyone.

The very overweight/obese might notice huge changes, while someone who is just a little on the chubby side may only notice a small change.

Hundreds of Benefits

But fat loss is not the main benefit of increased testosterone – there are hundreds. Better libido, improved mood, reduced stress, improved sleep, increased fertility, improved muscle mass, better memory, improved decision making, and increased cognitive performance, are some of the main benefits.

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