Boosting your metabolism is a great way to improve your life, it can help you feel more energetic, you will be able to exercise more, lose more weight, and you will generally be healthier.

In this article we will look at ten ways that you can boost your metabolism.

Metabolism Booster #1. Increase NEAT

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, and it is a measure of all the calories that you burn whilst not exercising.

You see performing an activity such as walking up a flight of stairs, or doing the washing up can burn calories but it doesn’t really count as exercise does it?

But all of these calories add up over the day, and usually count for more calories burned than even exercise does.

So if you are looking for a way to increase your metabolism, doing more housework, or walking, or gardening can really help (plus your family will be over the moon).

Metabolism Booster #2. Strength Training

Of course, all the gardening in the world isn’t going to be as effective as utilising a well structured strength training program.

Lifting Heavy

Lifting heavy weights is the number one (direct) way to boost your metabolism. There are many other factors that can improve your metabolism, but they just aren’t as direct as squatting with 120kg on your back.

But even a pair of 2kg dumbbells can help you to make a difference to your metabolism if you use them correctly.

Metabolism Booster #3. Cardio

Combining cardio with strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat that there is, it is known as concurrent training.

But even just adding a weekly run to your life can massively boost your metabolism.

Metabolism Booster #4. Increase Protein

Of all the macronutrients out there (fat, carbs, protein, alcohol), protein is the most effective at boosting your metabolism.

It is the hardest macro to digest and your body temperature rises as you do so. This burns calories and therefore increases your metabolism, which is why a high protein diet is so effective for weight loss.

At times it can be hard to get a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, luckily there are plenty of easy ways to increase your daily protein intake.

Metabolism Booster #5. Sleep

It might sound crazy that lying perfectly still for hours at a time can help increase your metabolism, but the truth is that sleeping more can actually do that.

Burn Calories While Sleeping

For starters, you do actually burn calories while sleeping. In fact if it were possible to exercise while asleep you would actually burn more calories!

Sleep is where the body recovers from the day and performs a lot of maintenance.

The more sleep you have the less calories you consume the next day, the less fatigue you have, and the more calories you burn.

Therefore, in an indirect way sleep boosts your metabolism. Additionally, consuming supplements to aid in fat loss while promoting a deeper, more restful sleep will result better results.

Metabolism Booster #6. Casein Protein Before Sleep

While most of the tips before were amazing for boosting your metabolism, they certainly weren’t simple.

But this next one is, studies have shown that drinking a Casein protein shake before you go to sleep can help boost your metabolism. So yeah … Do that!

Metabolism Booster #7. Boost Testosterone

Your metabolism and your testosterone levels are so intertwined that it is almost cheating to include this, but the fact is that the more testosterone you are producing the higher your metabolism will be.

You can increase testosterone doing all of the things on this list, but lowering estrogen (through anti-estrogen supplementation) or taking premium natural testosterone boosting supplements  are unique ways to boost testosterone – which can then increase your metabolism.

Metabolism Booster #8. Lower Body Fat

The more body fat that you are carrying, the lower your metabolism will be. This is not always true, but in 80% of cases (completely made up number) it is.

Lowering body fat has been shown to increase NEAT levels, improve sleep quality, and boost testosterone – which all influence metabolism.

Using a safe and natural fat burner is a great way to ‘kick’ fat loss into action, while boosting metabolism at the same time. It’ll also boost motivation to make positive health changes.

Metabolism Booster #9. Take Caffeine

No supplement on earth is more effective at boosting your metabolism than caffeine, well no legal supplement at least!

Taking relatively high doses (200-300mg) has been proven to significantly boost your metabolism. Plus, caffeine has a lot of great benefits as well!

Metabolism Booster #10. Eat Spicy Food

Hot sauce, chillies, curries, etc … all contain an ingredient called Capsaicin, which gives them that burn the roof of your mouth off flavour.

The ingredient is also very good at increasing your metabolism.

Having a high protein meal which is covered in hot sauce, washed down with a black coffee may just be the biggest metabolism boosting meal ever!

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