There are many benefits to increasing nitric oxide production in the body. Most bodybuilders concentrate on the increased muscle pump – but there are many other benefits from it.

Nitric oxide can increase glucose used during a workout, and can help increase your endurance. Nitric oxide can also help to reduce your fatigue making it the perfect pre workout ingredient.

In this article we are going to look at three of the best nitric oxide boosting supplements.

These are:

We will discuss what makes them special, and why you should give them a go.

Supplement #1 Nitrosigine

This is a patented supplement ingredient owned by Nutrition 21. It is an Arginine Silicate and has been found to effectively boost vasodilation when taken in dosages of 0.75-1.5g [1].

Nitrosigine seems to be a lot more effective at boosting nitric oxide than traditional Arginine supplements, a study in 2005 by Proctor, Kelly, & Russell found that it was twice as effective as dietary Arginine (which can be found in foods such as turkey, pork loin, and peanuts) [2].

You can either purchase Nitrosigine as a standalone product, or you can purchase a supplement that contains it as an ingredient. It would be ideal to find a supplement that contains Nitrosigine already in it, then you know it’s good!

Supplement #2 Glutathione

Glutathione is a peptide that contains one molecule of L-Glutamic acid, one molecule of L-cysteine, and one molecule of Glycine [3]. A study in 1999 by Prasad et al found that Glutathione supplementation improves nitric oxide bioavailability (while also reversing endothelial dysfunction) [4].

You can find Glutathione in meat, fruit and vegetables, and it is naturally produced in the liver. But if you are looking to increase nitric oxide levels then purchasing a supplement that contains Glutathione is your best option.

Supplement #3 L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is an amino acid, and is often found in pre workout and intra workout supplements. This is because it is an excellent nitric oxide booster, and because it can also reduce muscle soreness, reduce fatigue, and can massively increase training volume. It can also increase blood flow.

It is quite rare to take L-Citrulline as a standalone supplement, and people usually take it as an amino acid shake.

Bottom Line

Of the three supplement choices Nitrosigine seems to be the most effective nitric oxide boosting supplement.

Training Benefits

But L-Citrulline appears to have the most training specific benefits, you can either look for these supplements individually or you can try to find a pre workout or intra workout that contains two or three of them.

High Intensity Workouts

Whichever you decide, expect some high intensity workouts with an excellent muscle pump afterwards. Remember that it is not enough to just take the supplement, you need to adapt your training to get the best results possible.

Higher Rep Sets

Aim for higher rep sets, or alternatively you could add in some drop sets, back off sets, and giant sets to your weights session. If you are running or playing in a sporting event then run harder and longer, earn those benefits. Don’t just spend your money and expect the change to occur naturally.


[1] Komorowski, J., Rood-Ojalvo, S., El-Sohemy, A. 2015. Arginine silicate supplementation decreases markers of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic dysfunction and increases markers of vasodilation and cardiovascular health in healthy adult males. The FASEB Journal 29(1): 748.2 (link)

[2] Proctor, S., Kelly, S., Russell, J. 2005. A novel complex of Arginine-silicate improves micro- and macrovascular function and inhibits glomerular sclerosis in insulin-resistant JCR:LA-cp rats. Diabetologia 48(9): 1925-32 (link)


[4] Prasad, A., Andrews, N., Padder, F., Husain, M., Quyyumi, A. 1999. Glutathione reverses endothelial dysfunction and improves nitric oxide bioavailability. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 34(2): 507-14 (link)


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