Testosterone boosters are a fantastic way to increase your testosterone production if you are currently suffering from low testosterone. Trying to increase your testosterone levels further than that is beyond the capabilities of legal testosterone boosters and it is important to understand this.

Luckily there are lots of natural ways to do this, sleeping more, increasing dietary fat, exercising with heavy free weights, using natural testosterone boosting ingredients, etc.

The main use for testosterone boosters is to increase testosterone from very low levels that occur after a cut (a period of calorie restriction usually used by bodybuilders). When you are trying to get your body fat percentage down to single digits, your testosterone levels will drop fast. Recovering from this (after the show) can take time, and testosterone boosters are one way to speed this up.

Many testosterone boosters also lower estrogen, which can become raised during a cut and will lead to increased body fat if not addressed. It’s also an option to stack a natural test booster with an estrogen blocker to reduce estrogen.

Inhibiting estrogen can increase testosterone production. The benefits of increasing testosterone levels are increased muscle mass, better recovery from workouts, loss of body fat, improved mood, and enhanced libido. In this article we are going to look at five of the best natural testosterone booster ingredients.

Testosterone Booster #1. Ashwagandha

What is it?

Ashwagndha is a herb that is used in traditional medicine, it is also known as Withania Somnifera.

What does it do?

Lowers Cortisol, increases testosterone (when combined with strength training), reduces anxiety, and increases power.

Dose: 0.6g per day split into three servings of 200mg.

Testosterone Booster #2. Shilajit

What is it?

Shilajit is a collection of minerals, also known as mineral pitch.

What does it do?

Shilajit increases testosterone in men with low testosterone (by 23.5% in one study) [1], improves cholesterol, and lowers triglycerides.

Dose: 0.2g per day.

Read our full Shilajit review: Here

Testosterone Booster #3. Boron

What is it?

Boron is a mineral that can be found naturally in the diet.

What does it do?

Boron has been shown to lower estrogen, increase free testosterone, and lower inflammation. It may also be able to lower Cortisol.

Dose: 3g per day.



Testosterone Booster #4. Eurycoma Root

What is it?

Eurycoma root is a herb, it is also known as Malaysian Ginseng.

What does it do?

Eurycoma Root has been proven to work as an aphrodisiac, there is evidence that it can increase testosterone production, and lower Cortisol. It has also been shown to increase muscle mass when combined with resistance exercise.

Dose: 0.2g per day.

Testosterone Booster #5. Tribulus Terrestris

What is it?

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that is used in traditional medicine.

What does it do?

A study in 2012 found that Tribulus Terrestris increased testosterone by an average of 16.3% in males [2], other studies have found that it can massively enhance libido, and could potentially decrease blood pressure. Further

Does Tribulus Terrestris really work?

There are so many ingredients that have turned out to be ineffective, that many people are understandably wary about spending their money on it. We look into the science behind Tribulus Terrestris and help you to decide whether it is worth trying.

Dose: 0.2g per day.

So there you have it, five of the best testosterone boosting ingredients that are completely natural. Combine them with exercise, a healthy and high-in-protein diet, and lots of sleep and your testosterone levels should be back to normal within a few weeks.



[1] Biswas, T., Pandit, S., Mondal, S., Biswas, S., Jana, U., Ghosh, T., Tripathi, P., Debnath, P., Auddy, R., Auddy, B. 2010. Clinical evaluation of spermatogenic activity of processed shilajit in oligospermia. Andrologia 42(1): 48-56

[2] Sellandi, T., Thakar, A., Baghel, M. 2012. Clinical study of tribulus terrestris linn. In oligozoospermia: A double blind study. Ayu 33(3): 356-64

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