The Top 5 Best Glucose Disposal Agent Supplements for 2018

We all love to eat carbohydrates, often times too much! While this is not necessarily a bad thing, there are definitely some pros and cons that come along with this.

A top glucose disposal agent will put the carbohydrates to work, in a good way.

Something to take into consideration is that everyone has a different body type and metabolisms vary per person, some people react really well to carbs, while some people pack on the (unwanted) pounds if they don’t watch what’s being consumed.

How Glucose Disposal Agents Work

To keep things simple and sweet, the carbohydrates we consume get stored in our body as glucose and end up either in our muscle cells or in our fat cells.


Insulin is the one responsible for carrying the glucose to its destination on either cell. The products we have listed below are the top 5 best glucose disposal agents that will optimize this process.

The actually process of this itself is not as simple as explained, but essentially these products will allow you to eat more carbs and increase the uptake of them to use for muscle building purposes, which is definitely a plus!

We all know that these products are merely ‘supplements’ and meant to assist you, so don’t think you can slam 5 donuts and not have to worry about a thing, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

However, these products will definitely help reduce the negative impact in comparison to not using them. Using the top product on the market is definitely worth the time and money if you’re looking to reduce the fat gains and stay leaner.

The Top 5 Glucose Disposal Agent Supplements for 2018

See our list below for the best glucose disposal supplements. Starting with the lowest rated product first. Scroll to the bottom for our top-rated supplement.

5. Pro Supps – I-Load

Number 5 on our glucose disposal list is I-Load from the guys at ProSupps. ProSupps is a fairly well known company in the industry with a variety of different products.

Based on most reviews I-Load seems to be a decent product at a decent price.

Nonetheless, with the proprietary blend in their formula we are unable to rank it any higher without knowing the exact dosages of each ingredient.

A proprietary blend is always a big flaw in our books.

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4. Supplement Central Inc. – Slin Max


Slin Max by Supplement Central Inc. (SC) is a proprietary free blend formula that is designed using the top glucose disposal ingredients to make sure you get the most out of each serving.

Slin Max is highly affordable, which is a great pro.

However, with minimal reviews and not much reputation as a company/manufacturer, we could not rank the product any higher until doing some further research into this product.

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3. AI Sports Nutrition – Glycobol-XT

With a recent reformulation and slight change in name, AI Sports recently came out with the new version of Glycobol, called Gylcobol-XT.

The new formula contains Banaba leaf extract, agmatine, and Bioperine black pepper for increased absorption of each ingredient; not to mention they’ve ditched the proprietary blend with the new formula being completely transparent – a good job on their end!

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2. 1st Phorm – GDA

1st Phorm, owned by the famous motivational speaker, influencer, and hardcore MFCEO Andy Frisella earns its number 3 on our list with GDA, which they actually named glucose disposal agent (hence GDA).

This is a company that has built a big name for itself over the past few years.

In GDA’s formula you will find Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), which isn’t in the previous ranked product. In addition to this, the dosages are of sufficient amounts.

GDA is another product with a transparent label, and this is what we like to see. One downside to this product is that the price point is slightly higher than we had hoped.

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1. Redcon1 – RPG

RPG by Redcon1 should do just that to your carbohydrates!

RPG was formulated for you to get the most out of the carbs consumed for muscle building, nutrient absorption, and carbohydrate uptake.

The formula’s ingredients is completely transparent with sufficient dosages.

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