The Top 5 Best Epicatechin Supplements For 2018

Below we’ve list the top 5 best Epicatechin supplements available on the market. But first, you probably want to know what Epicatechin even does, right?

What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a bioactive compound known as a flavonol that, along with other benefits has been shown to produce the ability to improve overall health and performance.

Found in Foods

You can find Epicatechin in a number of foods in very minimal trace amounts, such as green tea and what it’s most known for – dark chocolate (which can also have powerful estrogen blocking ingredients).

Benefits of Supplementing with Epicatechin:
(using the right dosages)

  • Naturally enhance muscle growth and strength
  • Promote improvements in muscle endurance
  • Increase Nitric Oxide production that will improve blood flow, vascularity, and endurance. Making it a great product to consume pre workout.
  • Natural antioxidant properties – helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Improve insulin sensitivity – stimulates muscle protein synthesis

These benefits are quite notable and it’s safe to say if you’re a gym-goer of any level adding this supplement to your current stack is highly beneficial.

Without Negative Side Effects

Additionally, because it is non-hormonal epicatechin is safe to be used by both men and women without any negative side effects.

How does Epicatechin work?

Okay, so we’ve briefly explained what Epicatechin is and it’s benefits, great! But what how does it really work?

Essentially, myostatin (which is a type of protein called myokine) limits the level of muscle growth attainable. The roadblocks on muscle growth are removed by the inhibition or absence of myostatin.

How Epicatechin relates to Myostatin

Research has indicated that when using epicatechin, it increases the levels of follistatin, which is a special type of protein found the muscles; it binds, then binds to and thereby inhibits myostatin’s abilities in the body.

Therefore, when you have more follistatin it will equal less myostatin, enabling the possibility for more muscle mass gains.

Is Epicatechin safe for everyone to take?

There has been very little reported on the side effects of using this product, so just about every healthy adult would be able to safely use epicatechin and see major improvements sin body composition.

Adding epicatechin to testosterone supplements is growing more popularity so for women it is important to be aware when looking for epicatechin that it isn’t combined with a testosterone booster.

The Top 5 Best Epicatechin Supplements for 201

See our list below for the best epicatechin supplements. Starting with the lowest rated product first. Scroll to the bottom for our top-rated supplement.

5. Black Lion Research – Follidrone 2.0

Black Lion Research (BLR) keeps it simple with Follidrone 2.0, with a blend of epicatechin that is the key ingredient in this product.

Because it is the key ingredient, this product is safe for both men and women to use.

It is optimal for whoever would like to give the ingredient a shot and make some noticeable changes to their body composition without any negative side effects!

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4. Olympus Labs – Epic Unleashed

Finding itself at number 4 on our list is Epic Unleashed by Olympus Labs, and that’s exactly how you should feel – epic.

While the label is good overall, because of their proprietary blend we could not rank it any higher.

For such a high price and a proprietary blend, there was no telling how much epicatechin you’re getting from this product so we couldn’t possibly rank it any higher and mislead our readers.

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3. MAN Sports – DELTA-XT

MAN Sports earned its #3 spot on our list with DELT-XT, a combination of ingredients that include:

You should expect some increase in testosterone and estrogen levels, improved sleep quality, positive improvement in mood and libido, and improved muscle protein synthesis.

Attention Females

However, something to note about this product is that if you’re a female you may want to resort to a product that only contains epicatechin.

For women, an increase in testosterone is not something you want! For this reason we couldn’t rank it any higher as an ‘epicatechin’ product.

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2. Blackstone Labs – EPICAT

Blackstone Labs is known for their quality products in the prohormone department of the supplement industry.

Their product is backed by research and it comes in a 1,000-mg “EpiCat blend”, which includes:

  • Green Tea (Leaf) Extract, Ribe Fiber and Epicatechins.

Proprietary Blend

While this is a fair sized proprietary blend (1-gram) it is still a blend and for that unfortunate reason we cannot rank it any higher on the list without knowing how much of each ingredient is in there.

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1. Anabolic Iron – Epicatechin – Top Epicatechin Supplement for 2018

Transparent Label

A simple and transparent label, exactly what we like! Anabolic Iron keeps it simple with their epicatechin product. In this formula you’ll find 125-mg of epicatechin and 400-mg of green tea extract.

Sufficient Dosage

With a sufficient dosage, and a transparent label it was obvious that it would be ranked at number 1 on our list.

If you’re like knowing exactly what is in each product you consume then we recommend this transparent label of Epicatechin from Anabolic Iron.

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