Often times when dieting or simply eating healthier our appetite seems to always hinder results because when you’re hungry, just like every one else you’ll want to eat because it’s only normal.

This is where the importance of appetite suppressants come in; supplementing with appetite suppressants with help relieve your appetite and help you avoid eating that late night snack you would usually have to cure your hunger.

If you’re looking to improve your weight loss, stacking an appetite suppressant with a fat burner would definitely be beneficial in speeding up the process. It’s also very important to keep in mind that a good diet combined with consistent exercise is necessary when taking appetite suppressants to support weight loss.

Starting with the lowest rated product first, scroll to the bottom for our top-rated supplement.

10. Primaforce – Syneburn

Syneburn by Primaforce is a simple formula with 10-mg of Synephrine per serving at an excellent price. Synephrine will help appetite control and promote fat loss.

Highlights for Primaforce – Syneburn

  • Promote Fat loss
  • Increase Appetite Control
  • Promote Energy Increase

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9. 4 Dimension Nutrition – Yohimbine HCL

Another simple ingredient at a slightly higher cost is Yohimbine HCL by 4 Dimension Nutrition (4DM). This product will definitely assist in appetite suppression and will allow you to continue you’re daily activities without the feeling of hunger lingering. Unfortunately, it is only a single ingredient product and could contain others to be more effective.

Highlights for 4 Dimension Nutrition – Yohimbine HCL

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Drive


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8. Universal Nutrition – Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition was designed with 9 different complexes, which earns itself on our list. Animal Cuts will help promote appetite control, boost metabolism, lose weight, and more. Animal Cuts is a good product, however it contains multiple proprietary blends therefore we couldn’t rank it any higher.

Highlights for Universal Nutrition – Animal Cuts

  • Promote Appetite Control
  • Thermogenic Complex
  • Nootropic Complex
  • 9 Different Complexes


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7. Beast Sports Nutrition – 2 Shredded

Beast Sports Nutrition’s 2 Shredded is a decent formula if you’re looking for an appetite suppressant and fat loss amplifier.

In the formula you will find 2Shredded thermogenic blend, a diuretic blend, and more. Unfortunately, as you can tell by two of the names this formula contains blends.

Overall, this is a decent product we just can’t rate it any better without knowing the exact amounts of each ingredient.

Highlights for Beast Sports Nutrition – 2 Shredded

  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Control Appetite
  • Lessens Water Retention
  • Promotes Increase in Daily Energy


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6. Obesitrol

Obesitrol is 100% all natural, with an 8-ingredient profile list to help you lose fat and control appetite.

Obesitrol allows you to reduce appetite by feeling fuller faster, which will allow you to eat less food throughout the day.

Highlights for Obesitrol

  • Reduce Appetite
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Increase Energy
  • Breakdown of Fat
  • Decrease Water Retention


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5. Nutratech – AtraFen

Nutratech has earned its #6 spot on our list with AtraFen. AtraFen will help suppress appetite, promote fat loss, and enhance energy and focus.

While AtraFen is a good option to choose from if you’re looking to suppress appetite and loose some unwanted fat, the formula is one proprietary blend and without knowing the servings of each ingredient, we can’t place it any higher on our list.

Highlights for Nutratech – AtraFen

  • Supress Appetite
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Enhance Energy & Focus
  • Proprietary Blend

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4. RSP Nutrition – Quadralean

RSP has been putting out some fairly good formulas and they’re finally getting recognized for it. Coming in at #5 on our list is their stimulant-free Quadralean.

This product will help suppress appetite, while promoting fat loss. Quadralean is highly affordable, which is great; however, it includes a proprietary blend in its formula and that isn’t something we like, for that reason it can be put any higher.

Highights for RSP Nutrition – Quadralean

  • Promotes Appetite Control
  • Fat Storage Mobility
  • Energy Increase
  • Metabolism Acceleration
  • Contains a Proprietary Blend


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3. Labrada – Garcinia Cambogia

Under Labrada’s ‘Wellness Line’ they’ve released their dual action fat buster, Garcinia Cambogia that will help curb your appetite to aid weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia blocks fat by inhibiting the efforts of citrate lyase, an important metabolic enzyme.

Highlights for Labrada – Garcinia Cambogia

  • Appetite Control
  • Help Assist in Fat Loss Promotion
  • Boost Fat Burning during Exercise
  • No Proprietary Blend
  • Contains Calcium & Potassium


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2. MuscleTech – Platinum Garcinia Plus

MuscleTech earns the #2 spot on our list with its Platinum Garcinia Plus, which will definitely help curb your appetite and promote fat loss.

The good thing about this supplement is that is contain no proprietary blends and is fairly affordable, two things that we like.

However, it couldn’t be crowned as #1 one on the list, see our top pick below to find out why.

Highlights for MuscleTech – Platinum Garcinia Plus

  • Support Weight Management
  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Support Appetite Control
  • No Proprietary Blends



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1. Jacked Factory – CUT-XT – Top Appetite Suppressant For 2017

Jacked Factory has been releasing a ton of premium, high quality products over the past year and they didn’t stop with CUT-XT.

The first ever clinically-dosed and totally transparent label (no proprietary blend) appetite suppressant.

CUT-XT isn’t like any other “appetite suppressant” supplements that we’ve seen on the market.

Formulated in line with the latest scientific research, this product will help suppress appetite and boost mood, in return allowing you to eat less and looking better.

If you’re looking for the best appetite suppressant at an affordable price we suggest going with CUT-XT.

Another reason we picked Jacked Factory’s CUT-XT is their care for safety and customer satisfaction. All of their products are manufactured in the USA in a cGMP & NSF certified manufacturing facility using the highest quality control guidelines.

On top of this, they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all of their products, which is not something that you always see with a supplement company.


Highlights for Jacked Factory – CUT-XT

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Mood
  • Zero Proprietary Blends – Transparent Label
  • Clinically-Dosed
  • 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

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