Common Belief

There is a common belief among many in the fitness industry that natural testosterone boosters don’t work. This is confusing, because a look at the science behind them shows that many ingredients have been proven to boost testosterone in men with below average levels.


The misconception that testosterone boosters are useless comes from the fact that men who have high levels of testosterone already will not see a difference (at this is usually the case).

You can understand the frustration of a 24 year old man who is trying to compete as a bodybuilder and wants that extra edge, but is seeing no difference after taking his natural testosterone booster. But these products are not directly for him.

Power of Marketing

They may be marketed towards him, but giving a natural testosterone booster to someone with high testosterone, is akin to giving a millionaire a $5 gift card. There will be benefits of course as noted below, but not in comparison to someone who is 45 years old.

Who They Are Meant For

But natural testosterone boosters can help many other people, from the age of 30 years old the majority of men begin to lose testosterone at a steady rate. By 50 years old it is not impossible to see men with testosterone levels that are half of what they once were.

It’s not just people over 30 that can be affected by low testosterone either, men in their twenties who are overweight, suffer from bad sleep, are stressed, or don’t exercise enough can all have lower than average levels.

Negative Lifestyle Factors

If you are suffering from any of these negative lifestyle factors (age, fitness, weight, stress, insomnia, etc) then your testosterone levels will be below what they should be.

Which means that taking a natural testosterone booster will help to adjust them back to where they should be. This process can provide many benefits.

Benefit #1. Increased Libido and Energy

Increasing your testosterone levels has been proven to increase your libido (or to use the correct term “horniness”). Fertility can increase (sperm count), and men are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Levels To Blame

If you are struggling in the bedroom then there is a good chance that your current testosterone levels are to blame. Increasing your testosterone can also improve your energy, which has many direct and indirect benefits.

Benefit #2. Increased Strength and Hypertrophy

This is where things can get a bit confusing, when people use injectable testosterone (steroids) the massive increase in testosterone can actually increase muscle size and strength [1].

Natural VS. Illegal

This can actually occur without any exercise being required (in untrained people). Natural testosterone is nowhere near as strong as steroids – which is why they are legal and perfectly safe to take.

But because of their lower dose, you can’t expect them to immediately give you a six pack and double your bench! That doesn’t mean that they can’t make a big difference though, you just need to combine them with heavy lifting in the gym.

Free Weights

A study by Shaner et al (2014) found that using free weights massively increased testosterone [2], combining this with a premium natural testosterone booster will make a huge difference to your strength and muscle hypertrophy.

Benefit #3. Improved Confidence and Enhanced Mood

There is a myth that increasing your testosterone will lead to a downturn in mood and an increase in aggression. This is actually not the case, people with high testosterone are actually less likely to resort to violence.

Physical Aggression

A study in 2014 found that high school males with high testosterone were linked with lower physical aggression [3].

Improve Your Mood

Increasing testosterone can also improve your mood, a study on hypogonadal men (low testosterone) found that increasing their testosterone levels increased their “energy, well/good feelings, and friendliness, and decreased negative mood parameters including anger, nervousness, and irratibility” [4].

Benefit #4. Optimized Fat Loss and Recovery

Taking a natural testosterone booster is not going to automatically help you drop body fat. Nor do fat burners for that matter.

Effects of Diet & Exercise

But both of these can boost the effects of diet and exercise. If you have a low level of testosterone and you increase it through natural testosterone boosters (alongside exercise and diet) you will see better results than someone who has low testosterone and doesn’t do anything about it.

The 2012 study that we mentioned [1] not only found that increasing testosterone can increase muscle but that it would also lower fat mass in men.

Good News

What’s particularly good news is that once you start lowering body fat, your testosterone levels will increase further, because less testosterone is getting converted to estrogen.

This creates a great partnership where the more testosterone you have, the more fat you’re burning, and the more fat that is burned, the more testosterone is produced.

Improve Recovery

Natural testosterone boosters can also massively improve recovery from exercise, this is actually how testosterone increases hypertrophy. The more testosterone you have the more muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is increased [5].

MPS is responsible for recovery from exercise, and the rebuilding and replacing of damaged muscle fibres that allows you to build strength and size. Increased testosterone can also improve sleep quality, which is essential for recovery.

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