Estrogen is the female sex hormone that is produced in high quantities in the Ovaries, and in much smaller amounts in the testicles (in men … obviously).

Estrogen is essential for the male reproductive system to work properly, but problems can arise when the ratio of testosterone to estrogen shifts.

Men who find their estrogen levels rising can gain more body fat, breast tissue can form, and their fertility levels can drop.

Because of this a lot of men are looking for ways to reduce estrogen, in this article we are going to look at ten of the most effective methods to reduce estrogen levels.

One of the most effective ways to lower estrogen is to increase testosterone naturally, so don’t be surprised when there is some cross-over between the two.

1. Increase Cruciferous Vegetable Intake

Ever wondered why bodybuilders eat broccoli with every meal? It’s not for the amazing taste or texture.

It’s because broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are aromatase inhibitors, in other words they block an enzyme (aromatase) that converts excess testosterone into estrogen. While this can be a useful function, too much aromatase can result in high estrogen levels.

2. Supplement with Aromatase Inhibitors

While cruciferous vegetables can help, if you need serious change then a more aggressive approach may be required.

You can buy aromatase inhibiting supplements, which perform the same role as cruciferous vegetables but at a more effective rate.

3. Lose Weight

One of the most effective ways to lower estrogen and increase testosterone is to lose weight, removing body fat will lower estrogen production and increase testosterone production.

Once this begins the excess testosterone will further help your weight loss, creating a beneficial cycle.

4. Improve sleep quality and duration

Bad sleep can increase cortisol production which lowers testosterone and therefore alters the testosterone/estrogen ratio (even if estrogen doesn’t increase).

Improving sleep quality and duration can bring your testosterone levels back up and therefore lower estrogen.

5. Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights can increase testosterone and growth hormone production, and improve your metabolism. This will help you lose weight and therefore lower estrogen.

6. Increase Dietary Fat

Men who eat more fat (particularly from animal sources such as meat, dairy etc) have higher concentrations of testosterone. If your testosterone levels are low then this could be the reason.

7. Supplement your Diet with Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters may not be as effective as steroid injections, but they are a lot more legal and safe. Finding a natural testosterone booster with the right ingredients is very important!

You don’t want to overly-rely on these (if they’re not natural) as too much testosterone can increase the production of aromatase (which we looked at earlier).

But if your levels are low, then bringing them back up to base-line could be a very good idea.

8. Reduce Alcohol Intake

If you are drinking too much your body can begin to produce more estrogen, cutting alcohol intake in half could help lower estrogen.

It will also help you lose body fat which will also lower estrogen.

9. Increase Fibre

Adding more fibre to your diet can help to lower estrogen, as fibre binds to estrogen in the gut and makes it easier to excrete through the digestive system.

10. Reduce Estrogen Promoting Foods

Some foods, such as soy can actually increase estrogen. So if you can identify these foods and eliminate them from your diet (just temporarily while trying to get your estrogen in check) then you will be able to lower your estrogen levels back to normal.

Additionally, consuming foods that help reduce estrogen will be very beneficial to returning your levels back to normal.

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